Dress Code

Dress Code is about respecting yourself and presenting a version of yourself that is appropriate to learning.

Shirts/tops of any kind cannot be deep cut in the chest, arm pits, or stomach/side areas. Shorts/skirts/pants are too short if your underwear, bottom or pockets are visible. Clothing is inappropriate if any under garments are visible. Hats and hoods are not to be worn indoors.

Anything that displays disrespectful or sexual content, homophobic slurs, violence, racism, illegal substances or alcohol is forbidden.

Progressive discipline will be followed as per our Dress Code Policy.

Our recommendations:

For your safety and comfort, please come to school properly dressed for the weather.   In the winter, hats, coats, snow/splash pants, mitts and boots are recommended.  In the summer, hats and sun screen are recommended.

It is the parent/guardian responsibility to ensure that students come with footwear appropriate for recess, gym and climber play.